The fourth Open edX Meetup in New York, titled “Engaging Content, Successful Marketing”, has been rated with five stars on The event, which was sold out and had 40+ waitlisted, was praised by attendants. “Excellent meet up – great format and very informative,” said Mukesh.

Presenters from Columbia University, Knewton, Fordham University, McKinsey and Free Learning Channel X shared their insights through 10-minute talks and a final round table.

– Michael Cennamo, Columbia University

Kristen Weeks, Knewton

William Fenton, Fordham University

Christina Powers, McKinsey Academy

Derrick Lewis, Free Learning Channel X

Watch the video above. Presentations and more elaborated videos of the talks will be posted throughout the coming weeks in an edX-format course.

> Pictures of the event.

> Past third meetup’s talks on iblcampus and download them through our app.