Open edX Universities

IBL has co-founded the concept of Open edX Universities with George Washington University and launched the Open edX meetups with McKinsey’s support.

Our goal for these networking initiatives is to connect innovative and influential instructors and leaders.

The new Open edX Universities Initiative aims to expand the conversation beyond MOOCs to the broad sphere of online and blended learning, including degree-awarding and professional education.

Our members primarily consist of faculty and leaders in higher education, as well as instructional technologists and course designers.

We focus on pedagogy and innovations for building blended learning into a university classroom environment, as well as new ideas to facilitate learning at scale in a digital world, and taking advantage of the freedom to experiment and fully control an open-source learning platform like Open edX.

Our university and corporate members are using Open edX in order to have greater control over the learning process as well as the ability to manage its design and extension of the software at a faster rate than on Coursera, edX or Udacity.

This project is not affiliated with the edX Consortium, but edX members are also welcome to participate.


On November 11, 2015 we held our first Open edX Universities Symposium at GW in DC. It attracted ~130 participants [PDF], including online educators and leaders across the nation and abroad. The idea that most frequently came to the surface was: the value of open source (and open data) for education.


Over 30 Universities along with Brightest Minds in Higher Ed Participated in the Open edX Universities Symposium


Program Chair: Lorena A. Barba, George Washington University

Organizing Committee:

• Michael Amigot, IBL Studios Education
• Lorena A. Barba, George Washington University
• Paul Schiff Berman, George Washington University
• Dennis Cioffi, George Washington University
• PB Garrett, George Washington University

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