About Us

IBL is a profitable, family-owned corporation based in New York with software engineers, instructional designers, videographers and academics across the United States, Spain and Latin America.

We have been focused on education since 2004 and active for more than 20 years –our team’s founding members built one of Spain’s first online newspapers, Labrujula.net, with over 68,000 subscribers in 1998 (live today as iblnews.com)

Our team deploys Open edX software and builds the engaging course experiences that power online learning initiatives for educational institutions, nonprofits, corporations and startups. We provide Open edX’s native iOS and Android applications, Insights Analytics, UI developments and other extensions to the platform via XBlocks, LTI components, API-based extensions and modifications to its core. We also provide a continuous hosting and monitoring service to ensure the security and availability of our deployments.

As a consultancy, all of our work is fee-based and thus we do not keep any of your intellectual property or engage in any form of revenue-sharing. We offer a standard price for fully-loaded Open edX deployments and budget customized developments separately according to their complexity.

Some of our clients include New York University, United States Air Force, The George Washington University, MIT Sloan School of Management, Modern States Educational Alliance, Tata Communications Limited, Sapir College, edX. Most of the services that our company has provided for each client are listed, and references are available upon request.