We’ve listed some of the most popular questions we get below, but please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

About Us

What do you do?
What is your pricing model?
Who keeps the intellectual property of the software deployments and online courses you produce?
Who have you worked for?
What does your team look like?

Open edX Software Deployments

What do you do in terms of Open edX deployments and extensions?
What about mobile apps for my instance?
What about learning analytics?
Where do you perform your deployments?
I'm starting with a small number of students –can you help?
How do you ensure the security and availability of the platform once it’s live?
What version of Open edX do you deploy?

Course Design

What kinds of online courses do you produce, and what’s your approach like?
What does your video production process look like, and where is it based?