Our Approach to Course Design

IBL is able to deliver end-to-end online course production and instructional design services, starting with the syllabus as well as strategy and continuing with the videography and development of the courseware.

We work collaboratively with higher ed institutions and corporations to design, develop and deliver the core experiences and resources to run outstanding  courses with edX and Open edX as well as with Coursera and Udacity platforms.

Each development or course creation initiative is led by a dedicated project manager and an assistant project manager who conduct weekly reports with the client and remain accessible to her via an open channel throughout all business hours. The project manager coordinates with the software engineers and group of instructional designers as needed.

IBL follows the Iterative instructional design model (or Agile learning design process) in order to develop and revise each element of the project before moving onto the next and create polished pieces of learning content.

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