2. Creating Content



The Open edX platform includes two main software applications: one for taking courses –the Learning Management System– and another one for creating them –“Studio,” the CMS or Content Management System.

Your learners will see on the LMS what you build and modify on Studio.

To get started in Studio, create an account and access your dashboard.

You will be able to use web-based authoring tools to create or modify course content, problems, videos and other resources for students. You won’t need any additional software.

Through Studio you will be able to manage your schedule and course team, set grading policies, publish your course, create pages and textbooks, modify the course info page, determine advanced settings, import and export the course, and more.

The course Checklist functionality within Studio will help you through the tasks of building a course.

Just make sure that you create accessible content in order to ensure education for everyone, regardless of any physical limitations. Remember that almost one fifth of the world’s population has some kind of disability. Online courses can reduce many barriers to education.