IBL has selected the following professional, edX-style development-related courses. They will allow you to advance your career!


  • Becoming an Entrepreneur. Learn the business skills and startup mindset needed to embark on your entrepreneurial path from MIT’s premier program for aspiring entrepreneurs, MIT Launch.* Open to enrollment.
  • A Path to Entrepreneurship. More often than not, innovation is about ordinary people solving problems that matter to them personally. This could be you. *** Open to enrollment.



  • Digital Marketing and Engagement. Learn how to increase brand engagement through the creation and distribution of content using an owned digital channel approach.*


Communications Skills

  • English Grammar and Style. Learn with UQx key concepts and strategies in grammar and style to help enhance your writing and confidently respond to the demand of high levels of literacy in the 21st century. *** Open to enrollment.
  • English Composition. Improve with ASU your writing skills in this comprehensive introduction to English composition credit-eligible course. *** Open to enrollment.
  • Communication and Teamwork. Learn with FullBridge how to create and deliver high-impact communications and effectively collaborate on teams. *** Open to enrollment.
  • Conversational English Skills. Learn with TsinghuaX University how to effectively communicate in English and improve your conversational language skills. *** Open to enrollment.
  • Principles of Written English. ***
  • Chinese Language: Learn Basic Mandarin. * This course will introduce you to the basic language you will need to eat, live, and get around in Mandarin speaking countries.  * Open to enrollment.
  • Advanced Spanish Language and Culture. Perfect your Spanish speaking and writing skills while learning about the cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world to prepare for the AP* Spanish Language and Culture exam.* Open to enrollment.
  • TOELF Test Preparation. This test preparation course, developed by the experts who create, administer and score the TOEFL test, will help English language learners improve their skills.**


Leadership, Management and Motivational Skills

  • Becoming a Successful Leader. Become a successful leader by learning 21st-century leadership skills and applying concepts to the real world. *** Open to enrollment.
  • The Science of Happiness.  The first MOOC to teach positive psychology. Learn science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life. *
  • Design Your Career. Assess your professional preferences, strengths, and interests to strategize and develop a career roadmap. Open to enrollment.


Front-End Web Development

  • HTML5 Introduction: Learn how to build Web sites using HTML5 and basic CSS, directly from W3C, creator of the latest Web standards.* Open to enrollment. 
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel. Develop with Microsoft your skills with Excel, one of the common tools that data scientists depend on to gather, transform, analyze, and visualize data. *** Open to enrollment.
  • Introduction to jQuery. Learn with Microsoft how to use jQuery to simplify common tasks in JavaScript in order to quickly add interactivity to web pages.*** Open to enrollment.
  • Medicinal Chemistry. Gain a better understanding of the drug discovery process to learn how safe, effective drugs are developed and optimized. *


Computer Science

  • Introduction to Linux. Develop a good working knowledge of Linux using both the graphical interface and command line, covering the major Linux distribution families.* Open to enrollment. 
  • Object-Oriented Programming. Learn the principles of programming for building large and extensible systems with ITT Bombay. *** Open to enrollment.
  • Programming Basics. Learn basic computer programming skills and master the art of writing C/C++ programs to solve real world problems with ITT Bombay. *** Open to enrollment.
  • Implementation of Data Structures. Learn how to write correct and efficient data structures manipulation using existing standard template library (STL) of C++with ITT Bombay. Get introduced to the power of STL and make your code more solid, reusable, and robust.  *** Open to enrollment.
  • MyCS: Computer Science for Beginners. In this fun and creative introduction to computer science for learners of all ages, you’ll learn and apply concepts by programming in Scratch. *Open to enrollment.
  • Introduction to Java Programming – Part 2. The first MOOC to teach the fundamental elements of Java programming and data abstraction with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. *** Open to enrollment.


Data Science

  • Data Science Essentials.  Explore data visualization and exploration concepts with experts from MIT and Microsoft, and get an introduction to machine learning. *** Open to enrollment.
  • Engineering Software as a Service.
  • Software as a Service.*