Deployments and Maintenance

Deploy Anywhere

Our software engineers with +20 years of experience can deploy Open edX on AWS, Azure or your organization’s private cloud.

We are not a SaaS company and are happy to set up your instance wherever you need in order to ensure your control and privacy over your learners’ data. Moreover, since all of our deployments branch off edX’s latest major release, you will always be able to take advantage of the platform’s newest features and improvements.

Scalable Architecture

The architecture of the deployment varies according to the expected number of learners on the platform. A frontend with 4GB of memory and 50GB of disk space as well as a secondary server for MySQL and MongoDB suffices for up to 10,000 users, but a different architecture might be required to maintain availability and redundancy as the number of students on the platform grows.

Hosting and Monitoring

Consists of long-term analyses of the system-level resources that characterize the Open edX deployment as well as day-to-day logs and errors. Succinctly, Google’s “Software Reliability Engineering’s” four golden signals:

  • Latency
  • Traffic
  • Errors
  • Saturation

We use New Relic’s Application Performance Monitoring software to obtain a detailed view of the average response time of each step of a user’s request and Sentry’s On Premise edition for detailed error logging and alerting.

Additionally, if the deployment is on AWS, Amazon Cloudwatch to monitor the liveness of the servers: CPU utilization, disk reads and writes, the transit of network packets and status checks.

Security and Upgrades

Our Open edX deployments are secured at the most basic level through the following:

  • Firewall that restricts access to all ports except for: 22 (SSH), 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS), 18010 (edX’s CMS, if using the same domain)
  • Software such as fail2ban, which scans log files and bans potentially malicious IP addresses
  • Public key authentication for all deployment and production machines
  • Daily updates of system-level packages and immediate implementation of security patches (including Open edX’s)

Backups and Disaster Recovery

In order to be able to reinstate your deployment in the event of a crash, we maintain backups of your platform’s data and the exact images that were used to install it. Learners’ and instructors’ data on MySQL and MongoDB are backed up incrementally on a daily basis and fully weekly.