Our Open edX Deployments

IBL, an official referral partner of the edX Consortium, deploys, maintains and extends the Open edX platform through mobile applications and Insights Analytics. We also extend Open edX’s APIs, perform service integrations, customized themes and more.

These are some of our Open edX clients. Feel free to ask us for references –we’d be grateful to help you.

New York University

NYU School of Law and NYU Shanghai

  • Open edX platform and Insights Analytics deployment
  • Integration of the third-party Shibboleth, single sign-on authentication service
  • Synchronization of student data through custom web services
  • 24/7 maintenance, security, upgrades, backups and technical support

“It has been a pleasure working with you and IBL Studios.  I appreciate the responsiveness, deep expertise and technical capabilities of your team.  IBL Studios has been instrumental in helping us understand and explore the use of Open edX in an agile cloud environment.”

Dr. Peter J. Morales

Director of Global Technology Innovation

The George Washington University

“IBL Studios helped GW customize Open edX for our purposes.  The company responded instantly to any problem that arose, and set programmers to work around the clock to address concerns.  IBL is creative and nimble, and they bring an entrepreneurial energy to their partnerships.  We were very satisfied with our partnership.”

Paul Schiff Berman (Vice Provost for Online Education and Academic Innovation)

“IBL has supported our academic initiatives for more than a year: customizing and deploying OpenEdX, developing XBlocks and brainstorming ideas—we couldn’t hope for a more skilled and committed partner.”

Dr. Lorena A. Barba

Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

United States Air Force

  • Distributed Open edX deployment for high scalability
  • Significant UI customizations
  • Integration of the LDAP authentication service
  • Strategic consultancy and technical support

Modern States Educational Alliance

  • Open edX platform deployment
  • Insights Analytics deployment
  • Branded iOS and Android apps
  • Significant UI customizations
  • Strategic consultancy, 24/7 maintenance, security, upgrades, backups and technical support

Tata Communications Limited


  • Custom client-server badging solution allowing instructors to design micro-credentials and maintain relevant student records

Indiana University

“I had a project that included a primary goal of getting open digital badges up and running in Open edX.  We worked intensively with Lorena Barba and George Washington and Miguel Amigot at IBL studios.  It was a success and we could not have done it without the knowledge of Open edX that Miguel and his team brought to the effort.  I look forward to working with them again on future projects”

Daniel Hickey

Professor and Program Coordinator, Learning Sciences Program

Grupo Santillana – BeJob

  • Open edX platform deployment
  • Significant UI customizations
  • Braintree v.zero integration for payments
  • Strategic consultancy, 24/7 maintenance, security, upgrades, backups and technical support

“IBL is a team of professionals with a high level of knowledge about edX and its possibilities. Working with a highly qualified team generates a level of confidence and is a guarantee for the project.

At BeJob we have worked, since the beginning of our business plan, side-by-side with IBL. Our focus is to offer our users an LMS: agile, transparent and thinking about the needs of our students”

Mariola García,
General Manager

Lectylab (backed by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

“We started working with IBL Studios when, more than five years ago, our Foundation decided to launch a new experimental website and we were looking for a new kind of technological provider: more committed to real clients needs and much more engaged with our ethos and goals as a non profit organization. From that day on IBL Studios is our exclusive provider because we soon realised that their effectiveness and flexibility of this company was a perfect companion in our path towards an increasing presence and relevance in the internet. With them we can leverage our strengths and reach people all around the world that share our views.”

Luis González Martín

General Manager of the GSR Foundation

King Juan Carlos University

  • Open edX platform deployment
  • Significant UI customizations
  • Integration of the LDAP authentication service
  • Custom synchronization service that automatically enrolls students and generates certificates based on arbitrary criteria
  • 24/7 maintenance, security, upgrades, backups and technical support

“URJCX es una apuesta decidida de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos por el conocimiento abierto. Contar con el apoyo y el conocimiento de IBL Studios ha sido fundamental para su puesta en marcha. Trabajar con Michael Amigot y con el equipo de IBL nos ha permitido disponer de un socio estratégico. Su conocimiento tecnológico y del ecosistema Open edX es una garantía para el éxito del proyecto”.

Manuel Gertrudix

Academic Manager


“IBL Studios was instrumental in helping our team migrate from a failing LMS to the Open edX platform. Their efficient work and fast responses to every question or problem helped us to make this transition quickly and seamlessly for our current students. While we focused on building a simple no frills installation for this phase, we are looking forward to working with IBL Studios in the future to customize this platform to our brand and integrate its features into every class we teach for a true blended learning experience. Thank you IBL Studios for everything you have done for Phoenix TS; our students and staff couldn’t be happier with the new LMS!”

Ashley Wheeler

Marketing Manager

Build Academy

  • Open edX platform deployment
  • Branded iOS app
  • Significant UI customizations
  • Custom subscription service allowing students to bypass existing payment mechanisms, as determined by the administrators of the platform
  • 24/7 maintenance, security, upgrades, backups and technical support


Spain’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism

Indonesia’s central government

Duke University

  • Open edX platform deployment on Duke’s on-premise infrastructure
  • Significant UI customizations
  • 24/7 maintenance, security, upgrades, backups and technical support

Israel’s Sapir College

Mondragon University

  • Open edX platform deployment
  • Live translations from Spanish to Basque and vice-versa
  • 24/7 maintenance, security, upgrades, backups and technical support

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

“Working with IBL was a incredible experience. They were proactive, efficient, dedicated and always available when you needed them. The helped us to install the platform, but also guide us in the design process and on the key institutional decisions to improve our project.”

Mar Pérez Sanagustín

Professor, Computer Science


  • Open edX platform deployment
  • Custom subscription service, integrated with Enthought’s central database for user privileges
  • Authorize.Net integration for payments

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Divergence Academy

“For Divergence Academy, the partnership with IBL studios is more than deployment and support of our Open edX instance. The guidance we continue to receive from Michael Amigot is about structuring of our courses to take advantage of new blended learning business models. His sense of ownership, integrity, problem solving skills and overall leadership is invaluable for our continued success of our Data Science learning programs. Thank you IBL Studios and thank you Michael.”

Sravan Ankaraju

Founder & President